Carers create over 2m records on digital care management system


Carers have created more than 2 million records on the Nourish care management system since its launch.

The Nourish system uses smartphones to enable care providers to record, plan and report their care delivery.

If these care notes had been written in paper form they would make stack taller than 47 elephants stood one on top of another.

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Nuno Almeida, founder and CEO of Nourish Care, said: “We’ve always championed the hard work and dedication of carers in the UK.

“To take the total number of records to over two million in the space of a few months is testament to the dedication and effort put in by carers every day.

“Behind this figure is a system that doesn’t just store care data, but helps carers analyse and action it.

“Compiling that volume of information would be a monumental task when considering paper based notes; however, the Nourish system is incredibly efficient and allows care staff of all levels access to the data they need to empower the provision of gold standard person-centred cared.”

The milestone for the business comes as an increasing amount of care homes and care home providers are using the Nourish system.

Jackie Jeffery, manager of Shedfield Lodge Care Home, said: “Because of Nourish, care staff are able to spend more time caring instead of filling in paperwork, it’s made our lives so much easier.

“I feel that I now know more about the residents than ever before, like at meal times, I now know what food options each person has had and how much they’ve eaten. The level of insight I’ve gained from the increased detail in the daily records is great, I literally feel like I know everything to such an extent that it helps me to sleep better at night.”


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