Carers and nurses miss out on public-sector pay rise

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Carers and nurses were amongst those excluded from a pay rise of up to 3.1% for almost 900,000 public sector workers yesterday.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak said the above-inflation wage hike, which included doctors and teachers, was in recognition of their “vital contribution” during the coronavirus pandemic.

The government said nurses and junior doctors were excluded from the announcement because they had negotiated separate deals, while crime and policing minister, Kit Malthouse, told the BBC that because the vast majority of social care workers were employed in the private sector the government’s “ability to influence pay rates there is limited”.

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The overlooking of care workers was greeted with dismay by care leaders and other stakeholders.

Vic Rayner, Executive Director of the National Care Forum said: “It is unacceptable for the government to side step the issue around social care workers pay in today’s announcement. Care workers have been a stalwart of the Covid front line and need recognition. This has never been a low skilled job, and should never again be consigned as a low paid role. We need the government to act now to ensure that each and every care worker is rewarded for their extraordinary work.”

The IPPR said it was “unjustifiable” for nurses and carers to be excluded from the pay boost.

The think-tank highlighted that almost half of social care workers received less than the Real Living Wage and called on the government to put guarantees in place for health and care pay.

In its April Care Fit for Carers report, the IPPR called for a COVID-19 pay rise of 10% for healthcare staff as well as more adequate sick pay provision and for social care workers to be paid in parity with NHS workers.

Chris Thomas, IPPR senior research fellow, said: “For seven austere years, the public sector pay freeze was a dereliction of duty by government. It has directly contributed to the workforce crisis we see in health and care today.

“Today was an opportunity to correct that failing and open pay negotiations across the NHS. It is unforgivable that after the remarkable bravery of all our healthcare heroes they would not receive fair pay. We urge the government to reconsider their exclusion.”

Edel Harris, Chief Executive of the learning disability charity Mencap, said the government’s announcement was an “insult” to support workers who have been “doing extraordinary work supporting the most vulnerable in our society in challenging circumstances throughout the coronavirus pandemic”.

She added: “Beyond gestures, such as the Care Badge and clapping for carers, support workers have seen little recognition for their incredible work on the frontline during this crisis. It’s the government’s responsibility to legislate and properly fund support worker pay – they must be valued and paid on par with healthcare workers.”

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  1. Use & Abuse!!!!
    Care staff are barely paid above minimum wage and should be put on the same scale as the NHS and recognised accordingly. It’s outrageous to reward one group of “vital contributors” and exclude another!!! Once again the Social Care sector is being brushed aside as the poor cousin. Thoroughly disappointing!

  2. I am a care home Nurse working in private care homes for the majority of my 40 yrs as a registered Nurse , here we go again being side lined we work hard so very hard as do out brilliant care staff, basically doing a field in nursing that other really dont want to to . We are dedicated looking for and after your mums , dads aunties and uncles . It’s a constant battle to make ends meet on the pittance of a wage earned . We love our work and tbh not a lot of people could it . HOW DARE WE BE OVERLOOKED YET AGAIN , WE KNEW WE WOULD BE . Without us our great elderly residents would have at times no one . It’s not just a job it’s a joy , I worry that many will leave after this yr and with this insult added can anyone really blame us . While ofcourse the N HS workers work hard but they are not alone .We also go up and beyond what is expected as we remember the residents our People many with complex needs . It sickens me and my colleagues that we are treated as 2 nd rate Nurses and carers well news alert. WE Are Not so come on help us out here recognise us for our skills and unfiltered dedication to our elder generation .
    We all feel so deflated at yet the N.H..s nurses and carers are obviously more valued than us. Ask yourself who will care for love and protect your relatives if there is a mad rush to simply put it get out . Bitter yes we all are undervalued yes and ultimately it will be your relative who will suffer whilst the mad exodus begins . Shame Shame Shame in the gov who have made this decision you disgust me

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