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Care UK has won the Midland HR Impact Award for best HR and Payroll Project Team for its work moving to a unified system that supports all of its 6500 employees.

Midland HR is the company behind the iTrent payroll system, a cloud-based platform designed to let employees manage their own personal HR profiles.

Care UK was facing a problem integrating HR systems from several different businesses across the country, many of them running their own software.

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The migration by Care UK, dubbed the People and Pay programme, began early in 2015.

Barry Nee, Care UK’s chief information officer, oversaw the project from the start. “The premise of the process changes was that line managers and employees across the business would take more responsibility for their own and their teams’ data. This meant introducing Employee Self-Service (ESS) and Manager Self-Service (MSS) to the entire workforce,” he recalls.

The new system was designed to work with several separate historical payroll providers to migrate all existing payrolls into one newly-defined and streamlined iTrent payroll system, connected via MSS and ESS to the new HR processes.

Because of the diversity of services and sites run by Care UK, the decision was made to stagger implementation, starting with the smaller and more contained business units. This allowed the programme team to learn lessons in more controlled environments before progressing to Care UK’s larger and more complex units towards the later stages of the implementation.

“Engaging our front line clinical colleagues in a back office programme became one of the key challenges for the programme and meant mobilise over 450 new employees across 19 new sites onto the iTrent HR and payroll system, in conjunction with going live with a new payroll for everyone else,” Mr Nee says.

Every major system rollout needs champions to drive through the change. “The team made exceptional efforts to include new colleagues by the go-live date of 1 April 2016. I believe it was their determination, dedication and creativity that led to the successful implementation and our victory in this national award,” Mr Nee states.

“We now have all our employee HR and pay data in one place, which allows us to have accurate information such as the number of people we employ at any moment in time, full transparency of our monthly and fortnightly payrolls, control over our HR variations and checks to ensure data quality remains high.

“We’ve gone from having fragmented, paper-based processes to joined-up, transparent and mobile and online HR and pay processes across our employees. I’m delighted that the project, HR and payroll team’s significant achievements have been recognised by their peers in the industry with this award and would like to offer them my heartfelt thanks for their hard work.”

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