Care providers furious at NHS compulsory jab delay


Care providers have voiced their fury after the Government delayed compulsory COVID-19 vaccination for NHS staff while sticking with their plan for care home workers this month.

The backlash came after the Government announced yesterday that mandatory vaccination for NHS workers would be delayed until April following concerns over how it could impact staffing levels during the winter.

Independent Care Group chair, Mike Padgham, said: “The Government has listened to the NHS’s concerns about the winter but ignored social care saying the same thing, time and time again.

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“The Government has no understanding of how social care and NHS care need to work together.

“To delay this deadline for NHS workers but maintain the deadline for care workers makes no sense. Vaccination for care workers should be a personal choice, but if it is to be made mandatory it should at the very least be pushed back until April, like the NHS.”

Care providers have warned the Government over the impact on staffing of the compulsory vaccination of care home workers that is due to come into force on 11 November, with predictions that up to 60,000 workers could leave the sector.

Mike added: “Time and time again, the Government demonstrates that it doesn’t understand the relationship between NHS and social care. To spare the NHS this draconian measure but still impose it on social care staff is plain wrong.

“Don’t they understand that helping the NHS is pointless unless you support social care too? The two do not and cannot work independently of each other and yet here is another example of the Government believing they can.”

A Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson said: “We have taken action to introduce vaccination requirements in care homes and we recently consulted on extending this further across health and other social care services. No final decisions have been made and we will set out our response in due course.

“Vaccines are safe and effective and almost 4 in 5 people in the UK have already had both jabs to protect themselves against COVID-19. It’s never too late to take up the offer and we would urge everyone who is eligible to come forward as we head into the winter months.”

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