Care provider rebrand challenges public misconceptions

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Compton Care has removed ‘hospice’ from its name in a bid to challenge public fear and misconceptions about its services.

The Wolverhampton-based care provider’s new strategy, which also includes a £2.5m investment in a Care Coordination Centre, is aimed at revolutionising the way in which people with complex and incurable conditions are cared for.

Claire Marshall, Chief Executive of Compton Care, said: “Our new clinical strategy and brand marks an exciting step for Compton – one that continues to put the patient at the heart of care delivery. Our research with patients, families and supporters highlighted key challenges surrounding access to hospice care – namely fear about who we are and what being referred to us means.

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“We’re on a mission to remove this fear and break down barriers to service access to ensure more patients get referred to us earlier, so we can treat them sooner and help them live better lives.”

Compton’s research found that a large number of people associate the word ‘hospice’ with ‘a place you go and die’.

Compton’s Care Coordination Centre, which is supported with £1.5m from ex-Goodyear workers, will focus on ensuring that patients are referred to its care earlier through better integration of its own services and adopting a partnership approach with the healthcare economy and third sector.

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