Care Protect calls on insurers to slash premiums for homes with CCTV


Care Protect is calling on insurers to slash premiums for care homes with CCTV systems.

Founder Philip Scott said insurers should take into account the reduced risk to patients in homes with CCTV systems installed, and subsequent reduction in financial and reputational risk to homes, when calculating premiums.

Phillip said: “The cost of running care and nursing homes is going up, so I’m calling on insurers to help out their customers by cutting premiums for premises where CCTV can demonstrably reduce risk.

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“Rising wages, mandatory pension contributions, labour market uncertainty and the apprenticeship levy, on top of squeezed local authority budgets, are putting huge financial pressures on homes, and insurers can help.

“CCTV not only makes homes safer for residents and provides peace of mind for their families, but enjoys widespread public approval. This means that by rewarding responsible home owners with lower premiums, insurers would also be encouraging best practice across the care sector.

“We have statistics and case studies showing how much safer care homes can be with CCTV, and are willing to work with partners in the sector and insurance providers to help reduce costs.”

The operator of a care home with 70 beds can currently expect to pay up to £10,000 a year for insurance, while the premium for nursing homes and those offering specialised services can be significantly more.

Care Protect’s monitoring system employs the latest sound and motion sensitive technology that, when activated by a ‘resident event’, triggers recording which within seconds alerts a 24/7 professional monitor. This reduces risk because assistance can be provided to a resident within seconds of the event having occurred, and encourages staff behaviour conducive to a low risk environment.

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