Care manager feels let down by David Cameron over funding cuts

Budget Cuts

A care manager at a small, family-owned residential unit for adults with learning disabilities has added her voice to calls for fairer funding of social care.

Care manager Helen West responded to comments by Janet Morrison, chief executive of Independent Age, who said councils should not turn a blind eye to care homes charging top up fees for services that aren’t funded by CCGs.

“I manage a small family owned residential home for adults with learning disability, it is not just the local city council that are out of touch with the costs of running a care home but also the central government, everyone deserves a 5* service but how can that be maintained when the funding is such for a 2* service,” wrote Ms West.

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“It is very worrying as we all know our own household bills have risen to epic proportions, so the costs of just household utilities alone in the care home is absolutely frightening. That’s without the staffing costs, recruitment and continuous training, all of this should be taken into account, but sadly it isn’t.

“I do worry that small family run businesses will be lost as they can’t begin to compete with the Big Boys! The big care providers can run at a loss as some of the care homes that they own, help to sustain the others.

“It will be a great loss to the care field if small family run businesses have to close,” Ms West continues.

The current government has made bold claims to improve care, but Ms West feels let down. “I thought that when David Cameron became prime minister that he would have some level of understanding as he had firsthand experience of having a child with disabilities, but again, how can he have a true understanding when he himself is a millionaire and has no monetary constraints. I wish that he and his team came and spent a month with a care home manager just to see firsthand how we have to manage our meagre amounts,” she says.

“We as care providers and care managers do a fantastic job with the resources that we do have, my staff team are absolutely fantastic and often we all “Give” our time for free, because WE CARE, and that is just what the local council and the Government rely on KINDNESS!

“I could go on about how I feel because I am passionate about the care field and I have lost great caring staff to big supermarkets chains because the money is better for “Shelf” stacking or being on a till than it is for caring for others,” Ms West concludes.


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