Care homes evicted more than 2,000 residents in past year, BBC reveals

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A BBC investigation has revealed that more than 2,000 residents were evicted from care homes in the past year, including some whose relatives had made complaints.

The research shared with CHP by BBC Radio 4’s You and Yours programme followed recent evidence of care homes banning relatives who complain and a campaign by the Express also highlighting resident evictions.

The CQC told the BBC that 2,141 people had been given notice to leave residential and nursing homes between December 2017 and December 2018.

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Since December 2017, care providers have been required to inform the CQC when giving residents  notice to leave and why they are doing so.

The CQC said the most common reason for asking residents to leave was because they needed higher levels of care than their current home could offer.

It does not break down the figures to show how many residents were told to leave because relatives had made complaints.

Although it does not have the power to stop eviction notices being issued, the CQC said it took the matter “extremely seriously” and was currently updating its guidance for families about their rights and was considering referring cases to local Trading Standards Officers.

The CQC advises families to complain through the ‘Share your Experience’ link on its website, or via the Health and Social Care Ombudsman.

The only body which has the power to investigate potential breaches of consumer law and to bring court proceedings, the CMA, has recently carried out an investigation into how well consumers are protected.

A CMA spokesperson said: “It is essential people feel safe enough to complain when they have a grievance, without the threat of eviction or a visitor ban. We have published guidance to make sure all care homes understand and comply with their obligations under consumer law – this makes it clear that care homes should never threaten to ban visitors or ask a resident to leave because they have made a complaint.”

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  1. I find it offensive to use the word evicted to describe patients moving on from a Care Home. As dementia is a progressive disease, patients may develop issues that can no longer be handled. The most common is violence, where if the patient can’t be separated from other residents then they can hurt others. Surely this is providing proper care in an environment best suited to them and not eviction. There maybe cases of patients moved for the questionable reasons but often reasons are complex and a breakdown between the Home and relatives is sad but don’t just assume the Home is automatically wrong, though I admit we have never reached that level of communication failure.

  2. The truth is in this article. The same thing is going on in California. You can talk about Alzheimer’s, but many times residents are vitamin deficient or over medicated. We have an epidemic going on. It is very serious, and there is no way to sugar coat the problem. It is only about money.
    Family members are routinely banned from hospitals in order to put pressure on families when the patient is told to move out.

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