Care home workers seek judicial review of mandatory COVID vaccinations


Two care home workers are taking legal action against the government’s mandatory vaccination legislation.

Julie Peters, a care home programme director from Poole and Nicola Findley, a full-time care home support worker from Wolverhampton, are taking the action with support from freedom of choice campaigner, Simon Dolan.

The move came ahead of yesterday’s deadline for non-vaccinated workers to have their first jab in order to meet the policy’s introduction on 11 November. Guidance on exemptions to the requirement was released the day before Thursday’s deadline.

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Simon said: “This case has far-reaching and incredibly important implications for freedom of choice in this country. It should not be the case that the Government can intervene into the lives of the general public and dictate what medical procedures they do or do not have.

“This case is underpinned by the notion of freedom of choice, every member of society should be able to have control of what medical procedures they do or do not have. This judicial review, if successful will protect the livelihoods and freedoms of up to 70,000 care workers across the UK.”

The judicial review against the Health Secretary is being brought under five grounds:

That the regulations are incompatible with laws prohibiting the enforcement of mandatory vaccines.

That the Health Secretary failed to consider the efficacy of alternatives to mandatory vaccination and did not consider the vaccination rate of care homes and/or persons with natural immunity.

That the regulations interfere with the public’s right to ‘bodily integrity’ and is severe, unnecessary, and disproportionate.

That the regulations will disproportionately impact women and those who identify as Black/Caribbean/Black British, in contravention of Articles 8 and 14 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

That the regulations are irrational and will lead to shortages in both front-line and non-front line care workers.


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