Care home worker jailed for two years for sexually abusing resident


A care home worker who sexually abused a vulnerable dementia patient has been sentenced to two years in jail.

Twenty one year old Dylan Birkett, whose abuse was captured by a hidden camera, was jailed after committing the offence on Christmas Day 2019 at the Risedale at St George’s Nursing Home in Barrow.

The husband of Mr Birkett’s victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told The North Western Mail: “The realisation of what he has put her through has shaken our family to its core. None of us will ever forget that Christmas Day.

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“Due to her dementia my wife finds it hard to make sentences and it takes time over several days for me to work out what she is trying to say. Words such as ‘the pain is awful’ and ‘I could not stop him’ ‘no-one cares’ and ‘he will kill me if I tell’. These words play over and over in my mind and keep haunting me.

“The worst aspect to deal with is that she thought the family had known what was going on and that we didn’t care.

“Despite her dementia my wife is still traumatised by her ordeal and still has flashbacks and crying. Our family has been completely devastated by this unthinkable crime.”

Barbara Johnson, Director of Nursing at Risedale, which operates the St George’s and Lonsdale Nursing Homes in Barrow, both of which are rated Good by the CQC, told CHP: “Risedale remain very sad that one individual can blight the extremely high, professional and loving care standards of our managers, nurses and carers.

“We have continued to support our resident, her family and our staff throughout this challenging time and will continue to do so.

“We hope this verdict can help our resident and her family to begin the closure process they so deserve.”

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