Care home staff given community orders for mistreating pensioner


Two care home staff have been given community orders after being caught on video dragging an 85 year-old pensioner across a room.

Nurse Mamello Herring and care worker Maria Jackson were given 18-month community orders and told to do 250 and 180 unpaid work, respectively, following a hearing at Bradford Crown Court on Friday, The Daily Mail reported.

The court was shown shocking video footage of the care workers using a banned ‘drag lift’ technique to drag Angelina Lanera from the toilet to her bed with her underwear still around her ankles.

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The disturbing footage was filmed on 1 December 2018 by a camera hidden in Mrs Lanera’s room by her son, Michael, after he became concerned that she may have been mistreated.

Ms Herring and Ms Jackson pleaded guilty to charges of ill treatment by a care worker and common assault, respectively.

Addressing Mr Lanera after sentencing, Judge Mansell said: “I’m sure you feel that both defendants possibly deserve more severe sentences than they have received, but at least there is some closure.”

The Recorder of Bradford Judge Richard Mansell QC said ‘drag lifting’ was specifically excluded because it was potentially unsafe as well as lacking dignity.

He said: “I totally reject any suggestion that either of you were not sufficiently trained or experienced to understand that.

”You had the training, however, and to drag a lady as vulnerable as her from the toilet, with her knickers around her ankles and then to manhandle her on to and up her bed, whilst she was moaning and crying in distress, is a gross failure by both of you to care for this lady.”

You can watch the shocking video footage here.


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