Care home residents at risk of malnutrition due to coronavirus

Earlfield Lodge

A care home manager in Weston-Super-Mare has said her residents are at risk of malnutrition due to food shortages caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr Claire Mould, of Earlfield Lodge, told the BBC her staff had had to leave their posts to get food supplies due to insufficient wholesaler deliveries.

The CEO of Cintre said: “It’s absolutely insane that we are having to prop up our wholesale delivery.

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“Our frontline staff shouldn’t really be going out and we can’t ask family and friends to bring food in.

“Coronavirus is something we can manage. I can risk assess it, I can put measures in place, but if we can’t get the right sustenance to the individuals we’re caring for, what then? Nobody has any answers at the moment.”

A spokesperson for North Somerset told CHP: “North Somerset is doing all it can at this difficult time to support the vulnerable members of our community.

“As part of this, the council is supporting care homes who are experiencing difficulties with essential supplies.

“The council is providing a letter for homes to give to their food supplier, requesting that they be given priority access.

“The council will also be contacting central suppliers, such as Bookers Ltd, Sainsbury’s and Tesco, to recommend that adjustments be made for care providers.”

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  1. We have weekly deliveries from Tesco’s & monthly deliveries from Bookers.

    Tesco can placed the same restrictions on a 40 resident Home as they have for most domestic households. Suddenly we have become an unvalued trade customer without any warning or consideration to the needs of the elderly in care homes.

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