Care home ‘refused family’s pleas’ to see dying mother


A care home resident’s daughter says she was repeatedly refused the right to see her dying mother.

Carol Griffiths’ mother sadly passed away with no family member present at Care South’s Fairlawn care home in Ferndown, Dorset.

Ms Griffiths said she made repeated failed requests to be allowed to see her mother before she died that even included a submission by her GP.

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Jayne Connery, founder and director of the Care Campaign for the Vulnerable (CCFTV), who had taken up Ms Griffiths’ cause, said: “Care South failed to show compassion to a family that many providers would have assessed the risk and provided PPE to allow this human act of kindness to one family member to be present.

“Care South did not see fit to do this and we utterly deplore their decision. We urge this government to take note and make changes so no family will suffer the unspeakable heartache of not being present when a loved one is nearing the end of their life in a care home.”

A Care South spokesperson said Ms Griffiths had been afforded the same visitation opportunities as other relatives, which included conversations through open windows and socially distanced visits to external areas.

Simon Bird, Care South CEO, said: “Visiting care homes is an incredibly emotive and sensitive issue at the present time. Of course, we completely sympathise with every individual circumstance. However, our primary responsibility is to all of our residents and all of our staff and our focus must be on keeping them all safe.

“Throughout the pandemic, Care South has done everything it can to facilitate our residents remaining in contact with their loved ones. We have encouraged conversations through open windows, frequent video calls, telephone calls, and more latterly introduced regular visiting in secure external areas of our care homes, at all times observing social distancing.

“The Government advises that care homes remain very careful in allowing visits, but throughout the pandemic, we have always enabled end of life visits at the appropriate time.

“Our care homes remain safe havens from COVID-19; we have no symptomatic residents or staff in any of our care homes and it is our responsibility and priority to maintain their safety.”

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