Care home providers urged to check ambulance response times following investigation


Care home providers have been urged to check their ambulance response times following a BBC investigation.

The investigation found that some rural communities waited more than 20 minutes for 999 crews or trained members of the community to attend to life threatening incidents.

The BBC has published an interactive map so that people can check ambulance response times in their area.

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CEO of anti-choking device Dechoker, Matt Oakley, said: “We suggest that care providers take a few minutes to enter their postcode into the interactive map and check the average response time for an ambulance.”

Matt highlighted that it took less than 10 minutes to die from choking, with the BBC finding the average response ambulance time for rural areas was 11 minutes 13 seconds – more than 50% longer than the 7 minutes 14 seconds it takes in urban areas.

“Searching the map our team found parts of Manchester, Colchester, Preston and Leeds where the average response time was in excess of 10 minutes,” Matt said.

“In the event of a choking emergency, a response time of this duration is unlikely to have a successful outcome.

“Care providers cannot do much about the response time from their local ambulance provider. They can, however, this into consideration when looking at how best to deal with an emergency should one occur.”

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