Care Home Professional creates 2016 Leaders in Care Report

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In September, Care Home Professional will publish its 2016 Leaders in Care Report. The 80-page book will identify key executives who have shown outstanding leadership for their organisations in business areas including care and compliance, foodservice and nutrition, estate management and build, human resources and team building and executive management.

There will also be a special category for leaders of tomorrow, which will recognise outstanding individuals under the age of 30.

Leaders are not just found at the top of an organisation. They are working throughout the care home industry, championing excellence in multiple disciplines that all add up to great care for the country’s most vulnerable older people.

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“The Care Home Professional Leaders in Care Report will spotlight individuals that make a positive difference to everybody around them with their attitude, their commitment, their positivity and their expertise every day,” explains Rob Corder, editor –in-chief for Care Home Professional. “Leadership has nothing to do with seniority or a person’s position in the hierarchy of a company. Senior executives will, hopefully, be great leaders, but leadership doesn’t automatically happen when you reach a certain pay grade, nor is it limited to those at the top of the pyramid.”

The search is on for champions throughout the country who will be profiled in the Leaders in Care Report with descriptions of their career achievements, and the affect they have on the team around them and the people in their care.

Care Home Professional has identified several of the leaders that will feature in the report, but most will be unearthed through a nomination process that encourages all readers to put forward the people that inspire them most in their organisations.

Leaders will feature in six categories, which collectively cover the business disciplines that a successful care home operator requires. Some leaders might fit into more than one category, but are likely to fall naturally into one as we dig into the specific achievements that make them stand out as leaders.

Deadline for nominations is August 5.

We welcome nominations in the following categories:

Care quality and compliance – Compliance directors and care home managers are responsible not only for the care of every resident in every home, but must also ensure that the care is monitored, measured and reported to relevant authorities.

Foodservice & nutrition – Executive chefs and heads of foodservice within the major operators need to master the technical installation and operation of commercial grade kitchens, and also stay abreast of the latest scientific research into how to keep elderly and frail people fed and hydrated.

Estate management and build – Leaders taking charge of everything from land acquisition to planning, development, construction, design and myriad other elements that are needed to steer successful projects from brown fields sites to ribbon cutting.

Human resources and team building – HR directors spend up to 80% of any care home operation’s operational budget; overseeing recruitment, training, retention and welfare for teams that run into tens of thousands of people in the largest groups.

Executive Management – The top brass, the head honchos. Call them what you like, these are the managing directors, chief executives and financial directors that take ultimate responsibility for building companies, increasing revenue, driving up profits and creating value for investors and shareholders.

Leaders of tomorrow – Identifying the next generation of leaders is a vital challenge for every large organisation, and the care home business is no different. The next member of the board could be the head of nursing, the group’s greatest activity coordinator, an inspirational care home manager or an IT specialist. Leaders in this category must be aged under 30.

To nominate leaders in your organisation, please download instructions here: CHP Leaders in Care 2016-Nomination-Form

Deadline for nominations is August 5.

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