Care home nurse dismissed after attending ‘COVID-19 hoax’ rally


A care home nurse has been dismissed after attending a rally which claimed that the coronavirus pandemic was a hoax.

Carley Louise Stewart was among thousands of protestors who took part in the Save Our Rights rally that took place in Trafalgar Square, which was led by former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s brother Piers.

The former employee of Exemplar Healthcare’s Ribble View care home in Preston attended in full uniform and held signs reading ‘We have empty beds’ and ‘Where’s the pandemic?’

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She told the Daily Mail: “At the start of the pandemic, I was worried but as time went on, I saw absolutely no evidence of a killer virus, let alone a pandemic.

“While there were news reports saying the elderly were dying in droves in care homes, in the home where I was working no one became ill and no one died. Of anything.

“I can’t bear dishonesty of any kind, and I could see dishonesty on a massive scale during this so-called pandemic.”

A spokesperson for Exemplar Healthcare told CHP: “This individual does not represent the views of, or speak on behalf of, the company and has since been dismissed from the business.

“Due to infection control measures, it has always been against our company policy to wear the Exemplar Health Care uniform in public places, and it is also against company policy to speak publicly on behalf of Exemplar Health Care without prior permission.

“Any individual breaking company policy could face disciplinary action or dismissal. Exemplar Health Care continues to implement strict health and safety procedures across all its homes and offices, in line with local and Government guidance.”

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