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Care Home Murals design and print wallpaper murals exclusively for care homes and other establishments looking after those with dementia.

Their murals use vibrant, colourful imagery that is rich in content and realistic in detail to engage the viewer and encourage conversation.

A significant benefit of these murals is the efficient use they make of wall space to bring a genuine sense of the outside world into a care home.

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Michael Potter, Care Home Murals, recently visited Caldwell Grange, Nuneaton (Runwood Homes) to discover how two shop front murals installed last year are working out for their residents.

“I was thrilled to see how inventively our wallpaper murals had been deployed,” Michael said.

“The corner shop, featuring a mural on the back wall, was furnished with a real sales counter and merchandise. It was an amazingly effective use of space.”

Sam Chater, Care Manager at Caldwell Grange, said: “A year on and our two shop murals look as beautiful as ever. They have enabled us to create meaningful places in our corridors for our carers and residents to enjoy every day as they move around their home.”

Care Home Murals supply their designs printed to order on a range of durable wallpapers to suit the application and customer’s requirement.

Although an extensive collection of mural designs is available for purchase on their website, Care Home Murals continue to produce murals designed and configured to suit customers’ specific requirements.

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