Care home fined £60k over hoist death


Chilton Care Homes in Sudbury, Suffolk has been fined £60,000 after an 89-year-old resident died after falling from a hoist.

Ipswich Crown Court heard how, on 14 November 2013, the elderly woman fell to the floor when she was being transferred from a bed to a chair by two care workers using a hoist.

The resident died nine days later after suffering a break to her right femur and fractured ribs.

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A Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigation found Chilton Care Homes Limited did not have adequate health and safety arrangements in place to ensure users could be hoisted safely.

HSE inspector Saffron Turnell said: “The company failed to put in place robust arrangements to ensure that residents could be hoisted safely.

“Care providers must ensure that each resident has an individual lifting plan that records the size and type of sling to be used for each type of transfer and how it should be attached to the hoist.

“The plans should be communicated to nurses and care workers who have received appropriate training to carry out the activities safely. Detailed guidance can be found on HSE’s website which care providers should review to ensure that they are complying with their legal health and safety responsibilities.”

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