Care home fees up 50% in Scotland


Care homes fees have increased by almost 50% in Scotland over the last 10 years, according to national statistics.

The Information Services Division (ISD) Care Home Census for Adults in Scotland report shows the average weekly fee for self funded residents with nursing care rose from £552 in 2007 to £814 a week on 31 March 2016. Publicly funded fees rose by 29% over the same period to £609.

The rise in fees reflects a strong shift to the private sector over the last decade. Private sector register care home places rose by 7% to 31,583 while those in the public sector fell by 28% to 4,502.

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Overall, the number of care home places fell by 4% from 43,311 to 41,461 with the number of adults in care homes down by 3% from 37,885 to 36,621.

The number of long stay residents aged 85 or over increased by 12% from 15,759 to 17,579 while those under 85 fell by 18% from 20,958 to 17,159.

Numbers of people living with dementia rose by 30% from 15,303 to 19,905. The number of short-stay residents and respite residents increased by 61% from 1,168 to 1,883.

The data covers submissions from 947 care homes (81%) in Scotland.

Privately funded residents in Scotland are those with capital of £26,250 or more.

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