Care home deputy manager saves stroke victim’s life


A newly appointed care home deputy manager has saved a man’s life after recognising the symptoms of a stroke.

Shelley Bardell of Darley Hall Care Home raised the alert when speaking on a phone call to a resident’s husband and noticing that his speech was becoming slurred.

“I had noticed that something was wrong with Terry’s voice… It was as if he was struggling to get his words out,” Shelley said.

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“Having worked in the care sector for many years, particularly caring for the elderly, I was able to recognise the development as a possible symptom of a stroke.”

Following the call, Shelley (pictured left) called Mr Henderson’s daughter, Katie, and asked her to go to his home and check on him.

After arriving, Katie found he had developed a ‘droop’ on one side of his mouth.

She then called his GP who contacted an ambulance after suspecting Mr Henderson was having a stroke.

Mr Henderson was taken to receive treatment at hospital where it was confirmed he had suffered a mini-stroke (TIA). He is now back at home in recovery.

Commenting on Shelley’s quick thinking and support, Mr Henderson said: “If it had been up to me, I might not have reacted as quickly as Shelley did. I am extremely grateful that Shelley reacted in the time frame she did as this saved precious time in the treatment of the TIA.

“Without their care and compassion, the happy ending to this story could have been non-existent.”



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