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Simon Parker

Simon Parker, CEO and founder of care home management systems specialist, The Care Home Coach, explains why he set out on his mission to help care providers improve their quality of care.

Having reviewed more than 100 care homes, we quickly realised that almost all care home profits were shrinking and this was affecting the quality of care being delivered, the wellbeing of care teams and the business owners.

Realising the magnitude of the crisis, we established The Care Home Coach to help the owners of independent care homes take back control of their businesses.

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My team and I have met so many well-meaning care home owners who, alongside facing the day-to-day challenges of running a care home, are also struggling to deal with the more commercial elements of running their business.

It’s no wonder that when we meet care home owners they are often stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated and tired. We feel compelled to make it our mission to help.

Our Mission

The team at The Care Home Coach have a very clear mission: to transform the lives of residents, care teams and business owners by helping the owners of owner managed care homes raise the standard of the care home industry.

We do this to ensure that residents experience an exceptional quality of care, that care teams are able to work in the best possible environment for them to be successful in their job and to help drive positive commercial and personal outcomes for the business owner.

We do this by helping care home owners build management systems into their care home that improve care quality, sustain profitability and optimise their businesses performance.

What we believe

We believe that the owners of independent care homes do one of the most important, yet toughest jobs on the planet. We also believe, that having committed their lives to looking after our elderly loved one, they deserve support too.

That’s why we’re committed to offer the support that care home owners need to deliver an impeccable level of care, to sustain profitability (despite the downward pressure on the market) and to take back control of their business and life.

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