Care home boss hits back after being shut down by CQC

Tordarrach Nursing Home

A care home chief has accused the CQC of spreading “misinformation and unsubstantiated accusations” after its registration was cancelled.

The CQC effectively shut down Tordarrach Nursing Home in Sutton, South London after it failed to make required improvements (see CQC cancels registration of South London nursing home).

The regulator placed the home in special measures after inspectors found it had not mitigated risks, including those of people falling from height, water hygiene and an ongoing problem with two broken radiators. Inspectors also criticised the home for serving reheated frozen food on the day of inspection.

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Rejecting the CQC’s criticisms, Tordarrach’s managing director Joy Obaro, told the Sutton Guardian that an engineer had been fixing the faulty radiator on the day of inspection, adding the service “should be congratulated for identifying the problem and giving it prompt attention, rather than criticised”.

Joy described the CQC’s criticism of its decision to serve shop bought food as “bizarre” as it had purchased as a “special treat” for one resident.

She added: “It is simply pitiable that the CQC could put out such a level of misinformation and unsubstantiated accusations.

“Tordarrach Nursing Home has operated for close to 30 years. During that period, Tordarrach has always carried out recommendations from the local authority or CQC.

“Rather than make general and grossly inaccurate statements, the burden is on the CQC to itemise which requirements or recommendations were not fulfilled.

“It is simply impossible to know how to comprehensively respond to this misrepresentation by CQC. We can only take comfort from the grateful users of our services who are in a much better position to give an objective appraisal of the home over the years.”


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  1. I would love to see the follow up on this – it’s really difficult to take away a registration – there must be quite some back story of poor care behind this – 30 years of poor care is probably long enough – the last 5 reports have been bad – unsafe, lack of dignity and respect, lack of caring , people not treated with empathy – what a way to spend the last days of your life so that some family can have a gold plated lifestyle – care in this country needs to back in the hands of the councils

  2. It’s always a telling feature that no £ sign appears in this type of correspondence; that is until Unison becomes involved (always soley on behalf of its members!). Council care homes had cost the ratepayer at least double that which they pay to independent care homes. Wakey-wakey!

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