CARE HEROES: Carers live in tents at care home to shield residents during pandemic


A group of carers are living in tents at their care home to stay with their residents during the coronavirus pandemic.

Nine of the 31 staff at the Victoria House Care Home in the Isle of Wight have sacrificed their family life and free time to shield their 20 elderly residents from the pandemic.

Claire Leggett, manager of Victoria House, told the BBC: “I decided to completely lock the home down by asking the staff to move in. So no-one in, no-one out at all.

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“If I didn’t lock down the home then it would literally be a case of when the coronavirus comes into the care home. That would be absolutely devastating.

“It wasn’t an easy decision to make, to decide to lock down and leave all our commitments, our partners, our families, our children at home, to come and live-in at the care home.”

Care worker, Joel Checkley-Hill, said he had left his grandparents, his parents and his brother to live at the home and protect its residents. “I love them all to bits,” he said.

Fellow care worker, Carolyn White said she had left her husband and was prepared to stay at the home for as long as the crisis lasts.

You can find out more by watching the moving short BBC film by Ben Moore and Talia Slack by clicking here.

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