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Scottish care group, Balhousie, has come up with an innovative solution to counter the misconception that carers using mobile care planning devices are not working.

The care home group, with 26 homes around Scotland, has produced a set of stickers and posters at its Clement Park care home in Dundee to assure visitors that staff are not checking their phones but working.

Margaret Stephen, Home Manager at Balhousie Clement Park, said: “This is a perfect solution and has already been well received by staff who were frustrated that visitors thought they might be taking a break. Of course we know that’s not the case – they’re an incredibly hard-working bunch and we’re delighted to be celebrating that.”

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When Balhousie Care launched mobile monitoring devices in its homes, the electronic storage of care interactions and planning was an immediate benefit for staff and residents. It also meant operations managers could harness residents’ information remotely and more easily.

The care home provider said the only downside was the devices themselves, which look like mobile phones, which left some residents and families concerned staff were on their phones when they were actually accessing resident information.

Jill Kerr, Group Chief Executive Officer for Balhousie Care Group, said: “We were getting comments from some visitors to our homes that staff looked like they were on their phones. The misconception was that they were taking a break to text or catch up with social media, which couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact our homes have strict no-mobile policies while staff are working.

“What visitors were seeing was our care staff inputting valuable information about how our residents are feeling and acting, what they’ve eaten, whether they’ve had their medication. The mobile monitoring devices are great for the on-the-go nature of the job, it’s just that if you’re not a member of staff, you might not understand what they are.”

The stickers and posters have been launched at Clement Park and will be rolled out to Balhousie Care’s other homes in the next month.

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