Care England welcomes report into wasteful bureaucracy and red tape

Professor Martin Green

Care England has welcomed a report from the department for Small Business, Industry and Enterprise (BIS) that has highlighted the increasing level of red tape, bureaucracy and duplicated procedures faced by the care home sector.

The care home association commends BIS for the report, Cutting Red Tape: Review of Adult Social Care – Residential and Nursing Home Sector, and thanks the department drawing attention to the issue.

Care homes do incredibly important work and the system must work to support care home staff in delivering a person centred care service, Care England says.

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“An effective regulatory and monitoring system is vital and recognises and rewards good care, but at the heart of this must be a balance that allows staff to do their jobs and build up caring and respectful relationships with residents. Duplicate information requests, and numerous visits from agencies who don’t share their information, adds to the workload. Many local authorities and CCGs, who all purchase care from the same homes, must align their contracts and monitoring activity,” demands Professor Martin Green, OBE, chief executive of Care England.

“We need to use every penny effectively and that means as much as possible must go to frontline care. We cannot keep re-examining this issue. We want to see action from the government and statutory agencies to work with providers on tackling duplication and unnecessary paperwork to ensure we do not lose sight of our primary reason for doing the work we do – to care for the person,” Professor Green adds.


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  1. I agree the duplication of paperwork and audits by local authorities via their quality compliance departments is waste of time, energy, money and resources. I am often baffled as to the LA’s feel the need to carry out their own compliance audits when this is the work of CQC a statutory regulatory body. I often wonder whether its a case of empire building by LA to add another sphere to justify their presence in care homes or do they just enjoy the control. If we are really concerned about public spending and how the money is spent then I say abolish LA Quality Compliance Departments. Spend the money elsewhere on more deserving projects. CQC has an abundance of intelligence data acquired from numerous sources such as: care homes internal quality compliance data, CQC notifications, incident reporting, inspections, complaints, whistleblowing, LA safeguarding teams, feedback surveys, CQC’s care home questionnaires, Care home internal strategies, ops visits/report, customer surveys, care home UK etc. So, why do we need to be regulated by an LA? An I talking nonsense?

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