Care England Conference: Growing cyber security risk warning


Care providers have been warned by an ex-military intelligent operative to consider the growing risk of cyber security in the sector.

Greig Baker, chief executive of The GUIDE Consultancy and former military intelligence staff, has told care providers that developments in cyber security strategy have a direct relevance to the care sector.

Speaking at the Care England conference this week, Baker noted that the government wants to make private sector suppliers to the public sector financially liable for disruption to public services that are caused through cyber attacks.

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He explained: “If one of your staff opens a dodgy email that introduces a virus onto your server, and then you go on to email you contact at the local NHS hospital, or local authority, and you pass that virus on, you will be financially liable for any disruptions to public services that virus causes.”

Baker went on to note that cyber risk will increase considering how data and technology are going to be used in the future.

“Things like the mental capacity act for example, a lot of the decisions in the future are going to be made in part on sharing data on individual care issues. The more of that data that’s shared online, the greater your risk and potential liability,” Baker concluded.

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