Campaign aims to increase social interaction in dementia care homes


A new campaign is aiming to increase the amount of social interaction in dementia care homes which research shows can be as little as 2 minutes per week.

Running through December, the Just One Hour campaign, led by community interest company Musica Music, is asking carers to sign up to at least one hour per week of social interaction through music.

Chief Executive and Founder of Musica, Rosie Mead, who is a PhD candidate researching music in dementia care, said: “Just One Hour was inspired by research* which suggests that the average person living with dementia in care homes receives only two minutes of social interaction per week. We are seeking to change this and increase that social interaction to at least one hour per week by enabling carers to embed music into the daily care of people living with dementia.”

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The Just One Hour Campaign is supported by award winning care home provider, Hallmark Care Homes. Head of Relationship Centred Care April Dobson said: “At Hallmark Care Homes we’ve seen from our own experiences how music has the power to create connections and build relationships – particularly for people living with dementia.

“Our teams recognise the value of using music as part of everyday care, not just as one-off sessions or events, and the learning we’re taking part in with Musica is helping to embed that practice in all Hallmark Care Homes. Our aim is that every person’s care plan should include a way to use music therapeutically in a way that is meaningful for that person.”

Care homes and caregivers can sign up to make their pledge on the Musica website and will receive a digital pack with information on why music is beneficial in dementia care, how to use music in individual care, as well as all the tools required to deliver meaningful music in short 10-minute bursts.


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