Brexit uncertainty hits social care staff


Brexit uncertainty is affecting the morale of EU social care workers in the UK, an MPs report has found.

The Brexit and health and social care report published today said the impact on health and social care staff morale was “concerning” and the uncertainty they face “unwelcome”.

The MPs’ report urges the government to ensure that health and social care providers continue to have maximum access to overseas workers post-Brexit.

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Among the report’s recommendations, MPs urge the government to undertake an audit to establish the extent of NHS and adult social care dependence on the EU and the wider international workforce in low paid non-clinical posts as well as clinical roles.

The report added: “The government must acknowledge the need for the system for recruiting staff to the NHS, social care and research post-Brexit to be streamlined to reduce both delays and cost.”

Around 90,000 EU workers from outside the UK are currently employed in adult social care.

Commenting on the report, Dr Rhidian Hughes of the Voluntary Organisations Disability Group (VODG), said: “The numbers of people who require care and support are rising, alongside increased complexity of people’s need; the social care workforce will need to expand exponentially in the years ahead to meet this demand.

“We therefore welcome the Health Committee’s recognition that, post-Brexit, adult social care services should be able to recruit and retain some of their workforce from the EU.”

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