Specialist provider of workforce management solutions RITEQ says now is the time to maximise your workforce and get control of your labour costs.

Amid vocal criticism and much analysis about the latest version of the Brexit deal, as the British Parliament prepares to vote on it, it is quite understandable for UK organisations to be feeling a continued sense of unrest and uncertainty. Business owners, decision-makers and managers within the care sector are feeling this uncertainty quite keenly, as it intensifies several challenges the sector already faces.

Labour cost management, staff management and even rostering have the potential of overwhelming care providers, whose existing systems and policies may not be able to manage growing demand with reduced resources. Staff availability – or lack thereof, increased costs and lack of automation all combine to encourage this sector to review if their systems are up to the task.

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Selective Digital Transformation

In our experience servicing the care sector, these organisations are challenged with the need for digital transformation combined with tightened profit margins. Investment in technology must be made, but they need to be selective and strategic – to choose solutions that will have the biggest impact on their operations, productivity, cost savings, employee- or customer-engagement and more.

Our whitepaper will explain how the right health and aged care workforce management solution can help care homes and care home organisations in the United Kingdom maximise their workforces and get much-needed control over labour costs.

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