BREAKING NEWS: Weekly care home COVID deaths fall below 100 mark

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The number of weekly COVID related care home deaths has fallen below the 100 mark for the first time since early October.

In its latest update, the ONS said there were 76 COVID related care home deaths in England and Wales in the week ending 2 April, down by 52 (40%) on the previous week.

The welcome further steep decline in COVID deaths came after the drop in mortalities appeared to be plateauing in the previous week.

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On a year to date basis there were 31,895 COVID related deaths in care homes in England and Wales up to 2 April 2021.

Deaths involving COVID-19 in care homes accounted for 4.9% of deaths, down from 6.8% in the week earlier.

The CQC reported 28,997 deaths of residents involving COVID-19 in care homes in England between 10 April 2020 and 9 April 2021. Of these, 41 were notified between 3 April 2021 and 9 April 2021.

Care Inspectorate Wales reported 1,920 deaths of residents involving COVID-19 between 1 March 2020 and 2 April 2021.


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  1. Really positive to see the downward trend of Covid deaths in care homes. Being involved in a small care home group, it has been a challenging year, but all involved have been brilliant. Now we welcome two visitors (and children), back into care and nursing homes. Next, we want trips out, for all people using services, should they wish. We have to be careful, and keep everyone safe, but seeing our loved ones is paramount for health and well-being, which I am sure most of us can relate to.

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