BREAKING NEWS: Weekly care home COVID deaths almost double as vaccine deadline nears

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The number of weekly COVID-related deaths in care homes has almost doubled in a week as the government scrambles to meet its deadline of vaccinating every care home by the end of the month.

In its latest weekly update, the ONS reported 960 COVID-related deaths in care homes in England and Wales in the week ending 8 January, up by 400 on the previous week – the biggest weekly rise since May. On a year to date basis, there were 21,621 deaths in care homes until 8 January.

CQC data showed there were 21,344 deaths related to COVID-19 in care homes in England between 10 April 2020 and 15 January 2021, with 1,260 notifications taking place in the week ending 15 January.

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Care Inspectorate Wales reported 1,269 deaths of residents in care homes involving COVID-19 between 1 March 2020 and 1 January 2021.

ICG Chair Mike Padgham said: “Today’s awful figures show us that COVID-19 is still taking a terrible toll in our care and nursing homes. Each statistic is the death of a loved one – a parent, a wife, a husband, an aunt, uncle or friend and our thoughts go out to everyone who has lost someone to COVID-19.

“We have to keep up the pressure – keep the momentum on the vaccination programme and, as a society, keep observing the rules.”

The soaring death toll came as the government appears to be struggling to meet its target of offering care home vaccinations to all residents and staff by the end of the month. The NHS has instructed GPs to vaccinate all care homes by 24 January.

Leading care home operator Care UK told us that around 43% of residents and 30% of staff had been vaccinated as of yesterday.

Barchester Healthcare put their jab figures for residents and staff at 57% and 43%, respectively, while Sunrise Senior Living and Gracewell Healthcare saying 62% of residents had been vaccinated and 40% of staff. Not for provider MHA told CHP, around two-thirds of its homes had been vaccinated.

Operators continued to report that some staff were refusing to be vaccinated though the vast majority were agreeing.

Sunrise and Gracewell said 8% of staff and 1% of residents had refused vaccines. Barchester said 6% of staff had yet to agree to vaccinations.

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  1. My mum is still waiting for hers. Disgusting! Let’s hope she doesn’t become another statistic after an awful year of being imprisoned in her Care home. Sadly I don’t think that will change after the vaccine either, but it better.

  2. Working in a care home and refusing the vaccine! My mum died in her care home 3rd May 2020 from Covid-19 she was being isolated in her bedroom so the virus must have been taken to her by a member of staff.

    1. Care home residents should be given Vit D to protect them from all viruses not just covid! The covid jab is going to kill off the elderly!

  3. Have you considered that possibility that they are dying from the vaccine? It’s not a difficult question. You can analyse the numbers dying from covid who have and haven’t taken the vaccine to discover if there is a statisically significant difference. You would kind of hope that this would be standard practise! Incredible that this has not been even discussed with a rushed, experimental vaccine being given to vulnerable people. Disgraceful lack of transparency.

    1. So true sadly. Most residents will be deficient. Bruce Hollis a well respected Vit D researcher says that to work as an immune modulator vit d must be taken daily and not monthly. If it were my mother i would be giving a minimum of 5000IU. Also so many people in care homes in the UK are deficient in Vit c to the point of scurvy. Its criminal.

  4. my mum couldnt attend a venue despite 2 letters as she has been bedridden due to a serious fall and has been in a home since 3 Feb. she has, a heart condition and is 76.she has missed her first dose therefore and the doctors surgery that covers the home say they have no vaccines left and are saying the home should advise in the program. the home are saying the doctors should sort it. there are also now 3 confirmed cases in the home. myself and my mum are worried sick about her getting ill and being passed around and getting nowhere 😠

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