BREAKING NEWS: Terra Firma agrees to H/2 Capital’s Four Seasons rescue plan

Four Seasons Nurses

Private equity owner Terra Firm has agreed to cede control of Four Seasons Health Care (FSHC) to the provider’s main creditor H/2 Capital.

Terra Firma said it would accept the restructuring proposals put forward by H/2 Capital this week (see BREAKING NEWS: Four Seasons creditor issues debt restructuring counter proposals).

Terra Firma said: “Their [H/2 Capital’s] offer of forbearance and a deferral of the interest payments through to 1 March 2018 should provide sufficient room for all stakeholders to now engage with the FSHC Board in pursuit of a consensual solution.

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“We stand ready to agree the transfer of our interest in the High Yield Bond Group to the creditors for a nominal sum as part of this restructuring.”

The H/2 plan includes a £135m cash equity injection to reduce debt and assume other ownership responsibilities.

The deal also includes the installation of a new Board of Directors and the replacement of current Chairman Robbie Barr by former Barchester Chair Baroness Margaret Ford.


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