BREAKING NEWS: PM finally to unveil plans to ‘fix broken social care system’


More than two years after pledging to “fix social care”, PM Boris Johnson will today unveil plans to reform the sector.

After presenting his plans to Cabinet this morning, the PM will make a statement to the Commons before holding a press conference with Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Health and Social Care Secretary Sajid Javid this afternoon.

The plans, which are to be revealed with NHS support measures, are expected to include a 1.25% rise in national insurance which has been opposed by some Tory MPs and the Labour Party.

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Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said: “We do need more investment in the NHS and social care. But National Insurance, this way of doing it, simply hits low earners, it hits young people and it hits businesses.

“The taxes that pay for social care should be fair across the generations and all forms of income. Those with the broadest shoulders should pay more – not the working families now set for an unfair tax rise.”

Downing Street said the PM had pledged to fix the “catastrophic and often unpredictable” costs faced by people with one in seven people paying £100,000 or more for their care.

Prime Minister, Boris Johnson said: “We must act now to ensure the health and care system has the long term funding it needs to continue fighting COVID and start tackling the backlogs, and end the injustice of catastrophic costs for social care.

“My government will not duck the tough decisions needed to get NHS patients the treatment they need and to fix our broken social care system.”

The news has been broadly welcomed by social care leaders.

Professor Martin Green OBE, CEO, Care England. said: “Today could be a big day in terms of carving the way forward for a sustainable social care sector.  We wait with bated breath to hear what the Prime Minister has to say regarding health and social care and as ever, it is vital that social care is recognised and rewarded and therefore funding reaches the frontline as soon as possible.  We need immediate, medium and long term plans in order to ensure the stability of this sector.”



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