BREAKING NEWS: CQC suspends routine inspections in coronavirus response

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The CQC has announced an immediate cessation to routine inspections in response to the coronavirus.

While retaining some inspection powers for cases of harm or abuse allegations, the CQC said routine inspections would not be held in their current form during the period of the pandemic.

In a weekly update for providers and staff, Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care, Kate Terroni, (pictured) said: “Our primary objectives during the period of the COVID-19 pandemic will to be to support you to keep people safe during a period of unprecedented pressure on the health and care system. As a result, we will be stopping inspections from Monday 16 March.”

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The regulator said a conversations would be held with providers in the instances when physical inspections are required.

Providers are advised to contact the watchdog within 24 hours of any suspected or known case of the virus, including service users, staff, volunteers’ or visiting professionals.

Kate added: “We encourage everyone to act in the best interests of the health of the people they serve, with the top priority the protection of life. We encourage you to use your discretion and act in the best way you see fit.”

The chief inspector announced a range of measures designed to provide greater support for registered managers during the outbreak, including:

  • not penalising the late return of Provider Information Returns (PIRs);
  • reducing reporting burden by sharing information with local authorities and clinical commissioning groups; and
  • using information gathered from PIRs to inform and influence government and commissioners to provide support and address issues such as workforce challenges.

Other support that CQC is offering the system includes the return of clinically qualified CQC special advisors to the frontline to help with the wider national response; secondments of staff to DHSC, Public Health England and NHS England.

The regulator’s customer contact centre expects to start taking non-clinical COVID-19 calls [from next week] in support of 111. CQC staff also stand ready to help any other part of the national effort whether that be in the public or private sector.

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  1. The risk to care home residents has never been greater due to the banning of relatives’ and friends’ visits and deprivation of liberty (DoLS) as many will be cared for in their own rooms and not come out for the unforeseeable future. The increased risk is particularly great for those with late stage dementia who can’t verbally communicate their needs. The CQC has acknowledged the risks of second class care for this particular group of residents and I unfortunately have observed this in my own mother’s care even though she is in one of the better care homes. With relatives and friends not being able to visit they can not report harm, abuse or neglect to the CQC. Routine inspections are vital now more than ever to help care from plummeting even further. To abandon care home inspections is akin to neglect and an abandonment of the CQC raison d’être. Full PPE and continued inspections perhaps reduced in number, to minimise spread of COVID19, will help standards of care, already plummeting ( from going into free fall.

  2. My mother had a leg injury five weeks ago when a carer accidentally pushed mums leg into the corner of her bed
    I was told it was getting better but then last night another nurse told me mums injured leg is black and the other leg has two necrotic sores on it plus mum is in a lot of pain
    What should I do ?
    I am not allowed to see my mum who is 97 with mixed dementia

      1. Disgusting, our loved ones are being neglected and abused in these care home and the local authorities are making it easy for them blaming the virus because when you report anything to CQC or CHC or social workers they do absolutely nothing, They have no clue what familys are going through especially our loved ones in the care home who think we have forgot them and cannot hold there hands, i would like to add this is actually illegal to stop us seeing our loved ones but nothing we can do you should all be ashamed of yourself that the goverment has got this wrong !!!!!!! You are taking our loved ones human rights away from them !!!!!!!

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