BREAKING NEWS: CQC awards Outstanding rating to third WCS-Care home

Attleborough Grange

Attleborough Grange in Nuneaton has become the third care home within the WCS-Care group of homes to earn an Outstanding overall CQC rating.

WCS-Care runs 12 homes, one in four of which are rated Outstanding overall. The national average is one in 200 care homes achieving the Outstanding rating from CQC.

Christine Asbury, chief executive for WCS Care showed Care Home Professional around two of the group’s homes last month, demonstrating the organisations core values and how they are put into practice by every member of the team for every resident of every home.

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Those core values are: Play, Make someone’s day, Be there and Choose your attitude.  “We find it is an accessible way of describing/defining “person centred” to staff and it reinforces the way the majority of our carers are already delivering care; so it isn’t imposing a set of values, it’s building up from what good carers are already doing.” Ms Asbury explains.

“We also focus on “the standard you walk past is the standard you accept” and that it is down to each and every one of us to make sure we are delivering our values in every moment,” she adds.

Attleborough Grange offers long term residential care for older people with a variety of different needs, including those living with a dementia.

The property is designed as two households, each occupying a floor of the larger house.

Each household has a living area comprising a lounge, dining area and kitchenette, where many of our staff, residents and visitors socialise. In the kitchenette, people can make their own snacks and drinks, and staff are always happy to prepare hot refreshments if requested.

“Our households are home to a varying number of people at different stages of their lives; the ground floor is home for up to 15 residents, whilst the upper household is home for up to 17 people who require additional support as they are living with a dementia.” The company describes.

The home was rated as Outstanding in two of the five CQC categories: for being caring and well-led. It was rated Good for being safe, effective and responsive.

“The provider’s philosophy, vision and values were shared by all the staff, which resulted in a culture that valued people’s individual experiences and abilities,” the CQC report said.

“The service was very caring. People and relatives were delighted by staff’s kindness and valued their friendship. Care staff valued people’s experience and opinions and encouraged them to take pride in their lifetime’s achievements. People were encouraged and supported to live with meaning and purpose every day. Care staff respected people’s individuality and encouraged them to maintain their independence live the lives they wanted.” CQC concluded.

Christine Asbury is interviewed for the July edition of Care Home Professional.

Attleborough Grange residents
Attleborough Grange residents enjoy exercise and play.


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  1. This is an awesome demonstration of how well embedded core values drive culture change as all members of the organisation align their behaviour with them over time. Quote from above: “the organisations core values and how they are put into practice by every member of the team for every resident of every home”. The leadership in this group must be very passionate, showing top down strong values is so powerful. Home owners need to study this and ensure they have a compelling vision, clearly communicated mission statement and a clear set of values in each home they own. It is then possible to recruit on values and the ones that may not fit will leave. Well done WCS Care!

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