BREAKING NEWS: COVID-19 care home deaths fall again following slight increase


The number of people dying in care homes with COVID-19 symptoms in England and Wales has fallen again, following a slight increase in August.

In its latest weekly figures, the ONS revealed that COVID-19 related deaths in care homes in England and Wales fell to 23 in the week ending 28 August.

The decline followed slight increases in the previous two weeks which marked the first rise in COVID-19 deaths in care homes since the end of April.

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Year to date analysis showed there were 15,484 deaths in care homes to the week ending 28 August.

Deaths involving COVID-19 in care homes as a proportion of all deaths in care homes fell to 1.3% from 2.2% in the prior week.

CQC notifications involving CVOID-19 in care homes in England amounted to 14,211 between 10 April and 4 September.

Care Inspectorate Wales said there had been 504 deaths of residents in Wales involving COVID-19 between 17 March and 28 August.

The latest figures come as the number of COVID-19 cases in the wider community rose by 2,988 on Sunday, representing the highest figure since 22 May, and a further 2,948 cases yesterday, as the UK continued to emerge from lockdown.

Meanwhile, Wolverhampton City Council became the latest to impose temporary restrictions on non-essential indoor and outdoor care home visits.

The council’s move came hard on the heels of restrictions in Caerphilly, Wales and parts of Coventry.

Mike Padgham, chair of the provider organisation The Independent Care Group, said: “Of course a fall in the death rate is very welcome but we are more concerned about the sudden sharp rise in infection rates, particularly amongst young people.

“Given that there is always a lag between infection rates and death rates from coronavirus, we have to be afraid that we will see a new spike in cases.

“We have to remain vigilant, not rest on our laurels and in fact be even more cautions as we head towards winter.

“The colder season always puts extra strain on everyone in the caring professions and we do not want to see a resurgence in coronavirus cases on top of that. That could be devastating.

“The dangers in care and nursing homes have not gone away and our need for support is as great as ever.”

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