BREAKING NEWS: Care leaders respond to Hung Parliament


Care leaders have given their response to last night’s General Election result which resulted in a Hung Parliament.

The Tories are forecast to fall just short of the 326 seats required to command a majority with Theresa May expected to seek Royal approval to form a new Government later today.

Martin Green, CEO of Care England, said: “After the inconclusive result of last night’s election it is essential to eke out some stability in order that the issues of the day, in particular social care, can be put firmly on the agenda.

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“Care England looks forward to working with the new Government and continuing to build on links with the Care Home Parliamentary Network.”

Vic Rayner, executive director of the National Care Forum, said it was “critical” that the new Government recognised the significance that social care played within the election.

She added: “The electorate responded to the need to address key challenges affecting the UK, including; the long term funding of social care, the potential impact of Brexit on the social care workforce and the need for UK policy to effectively address the needs of our ageing population.

“This key policy area must remain central to the new government’s agenda – this election has given social care a voice and politicians of all parties need to vote, listen and take action. Urgently!”

Nadra Ahmed OBE, Chairman of National Care Association, said: “The uncertainty of the result will no doubt make it more challenging to influence policy. Our concern would be that without clarity of the power share the critical support required to stabilise health and social care will be thrown into further turmoil.”

Chair of the Independent Care Group Mike Padgham commented: “Nothing has changed overnight, there are still 1.2m people going without care and the crisis in the sector remains. For the sake of those 1.2m and the many hundreds of thousands more who will need care in the coming months and years we have to have a clear strategy on social care and we have to have it now.

“Yes, there will be a million things for the new Government to deal with but social care played a pivotal role in this election campaign and cannot and must not be forgotten now.”

He said the country needed to know if the Conservative manifesto proposal – including a £100,000 financial threshold and an undisclosed cap on care costs – was going to become a policy for the Government.

“If the Conservatives are to form the next Government then we need to know if their manifesto pledges on social care are to go ahead and, crucially, what that cap on care costs is going to be so that people are clear on the future,” he said.

“And we hope they will now listen to the issues on care as there are many things that weren’t in the manifesto that need to be tackled. We are only too happy to help whoever forms the new Government to get to grips with the crisis, for the good of older and vulnerable adults in this country.”

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