BREAKING NEWS: Care home COVID deaths at highest since March

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The number of COVID-19 related deaths in care homes in England and Wales rose to their highest level since March in the week ending 10 September.

In its latest weekly figures, the ONS reported 86 COVID-19 related deaths up from 61 in the week earlier.

COVID-19 accounted for 3.8% of all deaths in care homes, up from 3.5% in the week ending 3 September.

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CQC notifications of COVID-19 related deaths in care homes in England fell to 64 in the week ending 17 September, down from 69 in the week earlier.

There was an upward trend also seen in the wider community with the number of COVID-19 cases in England rising to 26,507 on 20 September, up on the seven-day average of 22,275.

The number of COVID deaths was down, however, to 27, compared with a seven-day average of 107.

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    1. Hi John, the ONS data does not contain this information. Please find their statement below:
      In order to provide you with COVID-19 deaths in care homes detailing if the deceased was vaccinated, we would need to create bespoke analysis. Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, Public Authorities are not obligated to create information in order to respond to requests. We therefore consider this to be information not held.

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