BREAKING NEWS: Care home COVID deaths almost double in England in January

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The number of death notifications to the CQC involving COVID-19 almost doubled during the first week of January, according to national statistics.

In its latest weekly release, the ONS revealed that notifications to the CQC of deaths involving COVID-19 in England rose to 122 in the week ending 7 January 2022, up from 65 in the week earlier.

More than 70% of deaths notifications reported to the CQC took place in care homes in the week with 47 recorded in hospital.

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Despite the steep rise, deaths remain far below the peak weekly levels of almost 2,000 seen in January 2021.

ONS data for care homes in England and Wales (see right) showed that COVID-19 related deaths declined at the end of December to 46 in the week ending 31 December from 62 in the week earlier.

COVID-19 accounted for 2.5% of all deaths in care homes in the week up from 2.3% in previous week.

In better news, cases in the community appear to be declining in England after reaching 115,998 on 10 January down from a peak of more than 160,000 on 1 January.

There were 55 COVID-19 related deaths in England on 10 January against a seven-day average of 165.

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