BREAKING NEWS: Care home COVID-19 deaths fall to new low in July


Care home COVID-19 related deaths have declined significantly in the latest weekly data reported by the ONS.

The number of people to have died due to COVID-19 related causes dropped by 44% to 95 in the week ending 10 July, the ONS said.

On a cumulative basis, the number of deaths involving COVID-19 in England in care homes totalled 14,424, with a further 692 recorded in Wales.

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The CQC said there were 14,003 death notifications involving COVID-19 in England between 10 April and 17 July, of which 56 occurred in the week up to 17 July.

A further 500 deaths involving COVID-19 in care homes in Wales were recorded between 17 March and 10 July.

The proportion of deaths involving COVID-19 as a proportion of all fatalities in care homes continued to decline to 5.8%, from 9.2% in the previous week.

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