BREAKING NEWS: Care home COVID-19 deaths fall in first week of November


The number of COVID-19 related deaths fell slightly in care homes in England and Wales in the first week of November.

In its latest weekly data update, the ONS reported 79 COVID-19 related deaths in the week ending 5 November, down from 85 in the previous week.

COVID-19 deaths accounted for 3.3% of all deaths in care homes, down from 3.7% in the week earlier.

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CQC notifications of deaths involving COVID-19 in care homes in England were down by almost a quarter to 53 in the week ending 12 November from 69 in the week earlier, the steepest drop since the beginning of October.

The number of cases in the community has increased over the last week, however, to over 31,000 as of 15 November, after having declined to just over 23,000 on 7 November.

There were 29 COVID-19 related deaths in the community in England on 15 November with a seven-day average of 128.

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