BREAKING NEWS: Care home COVID-19 deaths continue to rise in September


Care home COVID-19 related deaths in England and Wales have continued to rise in the latest weekly data published by the ONS.

In its weekly release, the ONS said the number of people dying from coronavirus related causes in care homes in England and Wales rose to 38 in the week ending 25 September, up from 31 in the previous week and the third consecutive weekly increase.

On a year-to-date basis, there were 15,601 deaths involving coronavirus in care homes in England and Wales up to the week ending 25 September.

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Deaths involving COVID-19 in care homes as a proportion of all deaths in care homes rose from 1.6% in the previous week to 2.0%.

CQC data showed there were 14,355 deaths of residents in care homes between 10 April and 2 October, with 32 occurring in the week to 25 September.

Care Inspectorate Wales reported 745 deaths of residents involving COVID-19 between 1 March and 25 September.

Mike Padgham, chair of the Independent Care Group (ICG), said there was a need for Government clarity as care home COVID-19 deaths inched up again.

“Any increase in deaths is worrying and it is alarming that the figures are creeping up again,” Mike said.

“At the moment we feel once again that we are in the dark over some key issues as we go into another very concerning phase of coronavirus.”

The ICG chair said greater clarification was needed in three areas: the true infection rate and death rate figures across the country; care home visits; and which gloves cares should be using after the Department of Health and Social Care suddenly recommended that vinyl gloves should not be used, only to retract that advice later.

“The confusion over gloves is just another example of care providers being given conflicting information at a time when we need clarity to be able to do the job of caring for those most vulnerable to COVID-19 properly,” Mike said.

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