Borough Care appoints Activity Lifestyle Facilitators


Activity Lifestyle Facilitators (ALFs) have been appointed at 11 Borough Care homes to help enrich the lives of residents.

The remit of the ALFs is to boost the social lives of residents by getting to know their qualities, interests, achievements, likes and dislikes, positive long-term memories and what makes them feel at home and happy.

Kathryn Farmer, CEO of Borough Care, said: “Making the move from a task-focused ethos to one that is truly person-centred and values taking time to deliver support the way residents want it, isn’t an easy shift, but the outcomes are already proving positive.”

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The programme is being rolled out in partnership with dementia support provider Happy Days Dementia Design Workshop and Nostalgic Design.

Happy Days workshops provide thoughtful and practical ways to engage with older people and people living with dementia by understanding how to recognise unspoken signs of needs, finding new ways to get to know residents and developing meaningful well-being activities.

Gillian Hesketh of Happy Days Dementia Design Workshop and Nostalgic Design, said: “Finding out about a resident’s character, interests and life story is the basis of good communication. ALFs will be using the Happy Days themed memory boxes, nostalgic prompts and memory joggers; life story response books to share with residents, carers, families and friends – a valuable tool for recording personal history, favourites, hobbies, likes and dislikes to help plan entertaining and meaningful days.

“Keeping residents busy and engaged in their favourite pastimes is a priority for an ALF. That’s why Borough Care is committed to training, workshops and forums where ALFS and creative companies like Happy Days work together, sharing ideas to enrich social well-being for their residents.”

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