BEST PRODUCTS & SERVICES OF 2021: Ozofresh Plug-in Air Purifier


Continuing our Christmas countdown of this year’s best care home products & services, Beaucare explains the benefits of the Ozofresh Plug-in Air Purifier.

The Ozofresh Plug-in Air Purifier helps to reduce the environmental damage caused by throw away solutions such as refills, chemicals and aerosols. The Ozofresh Plug-in Air Purifier destroys unwanted malodours releasing pure oxygen back into the atmosphere, leaving a ‘clean’ smell similar to the air after a thunderstorm.

The innovative O3 technology works by engulfing the odour, destroying it and releasing O2 back into the atmosphere. This process means there is no need to ever buy refills, replacing traditional air fresheners which simply mask the scent or need replacing, for a much easier, cost effective solution.

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The Ozofresh Plug-in Air Purifier is ideal for any environment where malodours linger. By neutralising smells without the use of chemicals, residents and staff can enjoy neutral, safe spaces, beneficial to both health and well-being.

Once the Ozofresh Plug-in Air Purifier has removed all the malodours it can be switched off, reducing its energy consumption, in turn reducing costs, waste and the effect on the environment.

Made to UK standards, the Ozofresh Plug-in Air Purifier complies with HSE guidelines, ensuring it is safe and reliable.

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