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Continuing our Christmas countdown of this year’s best care home products & services, JLA, the UK’s leading provider of commercial laundry equipment, explains the benefits of its market leading commercial ozone disinfection system, OTEX.

Since its inception as the UK’s original, market-leading ozone disinfection system in 2004, OTEX has continually innovated to stay ahead of the market. In 2020, OTEX Laundry was scientifically proven to remove all traces of coronavirus from infected laundry loads, as part of a study carried out at De Montfort University. Even at ambient temperatures, this allows heat-sensitive items, such as residents’ mattress covers, to be cleaned effectively, removing all traces of coronavirus in just six minutes.

The implications of these findings are highly significant for the healthcare sector in the fight against COVID, as well as the ongoing protection of residents and staff. The OTEX Laundry system is completely user-friendly, with real-time verification of the disinfection process on every wash, providing a unique audit trail of full compliance to regulatory standards.

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Between OTEX Laundry and OTEX mobile air disinfection units, OTEX offers protection across the entire care facility, creating a safe environment and facilitating care home visits. OTEX distributes ozone in a way that can reach areas in the room inaccessible to traditional deep cleaning methods. Ozone can also penetrate carpets, and even items such as books – ensuring total infection control in common areas. OTEX Laundry provides a significant reduction in operational costs for care homes, coupled with meaningful environmental benefits.

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