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Continuing our Christmas countdown of this year’s best care home products & services, MeetMyBrian explains the benefits of its visitor management platform.

MeetMyBrian provides a hassle-free visitor management platform which handles all challenges from pre-registration to the visit and beyond.

The application is configured to not only monitor visitor signing ins and outs but provides a convenient platform wherein the family have the power of choosing when and how long they want to meet their loved one.

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The family has access to a user-friendly platform with quick stress-free bookings and cancellations aligned with all safety protocols for COVID as per government requirements.

Friends and family can enjoy the freedom of getting access to the portal where they can select either in-person or virtual visits or even a combination of both.

The application also keeps the family updated on the changes in the visitation arrangements and policies instantly.

For care homes, MeetMyBrian saves hours of time phoning and emailing.

It provides clarity of all guests coming in with proper control on capacity management, home visitation policies and attendance tracking. MeetMyBrian has proved successful in making care home residents feel even more connected with their loved ones than they ever felt before.

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