BEST PRACTICE: Top tips for purchasing and managing refrigeration products

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Refrigeration is an important aspect of any catering set-up. Serge Kremer, CEO and owner at refrigeration company Husky, gives his tips on purchasing and managing professional refrigeration products for those responsible for operating kitchens.

1. Refrigeration needs to be robust and reliable, but also flexible

To meet both front and back of house requirements, I would recommend robust, sturdy prep counters and storage units. Look for products that will comfortably fit in your kitchen, but will still leave you room for preparation and enough space during busy service times. Products like our stainless steel fridges and freezers are ideal as they are available in both upright and under counter, and are available in a range of different sizes.”Serge Kramer, Husky

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2. Fridges take a pounding, so look for durable features

Key features to look out for include a high ambient operating temperature of up to 43°c. Restaurant kitchens can reach considerably high temperatures especially during the summer months, so it’s important to look for a fridge that can remain fully chilled in this environment. Look for durability features such as strong hinges and sturdy lockable castors.

In a busy working kitchen your units will need to withstand a heavy amount of usage, with staff (perhaps unintentionally!) slamming doors shut and needing to grab items quickly. With fridges and freezers being cleaned so regularly in this industry, it’s important to consider how easily the gaskets and interior components can be removed. Look for units where this can be done quickly, with little fuss

3. Clean your fridge after every service

In the catering industry, refrigeration products need to endure hectic and busy surroundings. Whilst this can’t be avoided there are a few things you can do to ensure they withstand wear and tear for longer. Clean your fridge or freezer regularly after every service, not only will this keep your food items in order, it will also protect your fridge from a build-up of grime.

Work out what the optimum temperature is for your fridge or freezer. Depending on the average room temperature this will vary. Once purchased, test out a few different temperatures to see which is best to keep your food chilled.

With fridges and freezers being cleaned so regularly in this industry, it’s important to consider how easily the gaskets and interior components can be removed”

4. After-care support is important – don’t ignore it

Most companies will have their own aftercare package. Take some time to consider the best package for you when purchasing your fridge or freezer. Husky offers a two-year parts and labour warranty with all equipment. Although our equipment is designed for long life, we appreciate that outlets want that extra peace of mind.

5. Buy from a trusted supplier and check the warranty

Take time to research a number of different companies before you make a purchase, to make sure you’re buying the best product for your needs. Buy from a trusted supplier who will not only supply your equipment but can also offer excellent customer service for years to come. At Husky we pride ourselves on the reliability of our fridges. We offer the best aftercare service possible which includes a two years parts and labour warranty and recycling old products.”

6. A hard-wearing fridge will deliver ROI 

The most important thing to look out for when investing in new fridges and freezers in this industry is quality and durability. Our stainless steel range is a competitively-priced alternative to similar products on the market, the use of stainless steel means the products are hard-wearing and hygienic.

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