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In 2012, creator of My Learning Cloud, Steven Embleton, identified the capability of technology use within the care, support and health sectors through an online training solution. Armed with a Sharpie pen and a few pieces of A4 paper, My Learning Cloud was born from the desire to transform the skills of people and businesses with really high quality, innovative and multi-device learning.

Since the first My Learning Cloud platform drawings, Steven Embleton embarked on his vision in becoming the leading online solution for delivering training via technology throughout the care, support and health sector. To date, My Learning Cloud has become the training platform provider for many organisations, including Jessal Group, Summer Care, and Borough Care.

Steven Embleton’s passionate drive comes from a belief that organisations and its staff within the care, support and health sector, have a duty to provide the best possible support to those in need. Whilst working in the care, support and health sector as a learning and development manager, Steven Embleton identified a need amongst organisations to ensure staff had access to the best training available. He understood the complex work users of My Learning Cloud undertake and envisioned that an online platform should be made available to people and businesses anytime, anywhere and on any device.

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What is My Learning Cloud?

At the forefront of the platform’s design, My Learning Cloud was developed to support businesses and staff within the care, support and health sector with regards to their training needs. Creator Steven Embleton views training as a necessity, as increased knowledge and understanding can support practitioners in carrying out their role. My Learning Cloud can also support managers as an analytical tool, by being kept up to date with their employees’ progress.

The online platform sets out to deliver training through an engaging, informative and interactive narrative. Furthermore, My Learning Cloud is innovative in its approach, as this user-friendly platform is tailored to both businesses and staff needs. Each user has access to their unique learning platform; whereby, a user will see their own profile picture, their own information, and their own training requirements. Steven Embleton and his in-house Cloud Maker team believes in empowering a user through their own learning process and for those of us who can be quite forgetful, the learning platform reminds users of any training that has to be renewed and any outstanding training courses that are yet to be undertaken.

My Learning Cloud does not only provide e-learning, but also incorporates all learning, through workshops, webinars, scenarios and videos; as the Cloud Maker team know that learning is unique to the individual! The supportive Cloud Maker team listen to the needs of the business and can develop bespoke courses with subject matter experts who have real-life experience and understanding of the sectors to inform course content, striving to produce courses that are aligned with the latest thinking, legislation and standards. My Learning Cloud has an extensive library of e-learning courses that have been CPD Certified and have been matched to units from the Qualification Credit Framework (QCF).

Lastly, due to My Learning Cloud being compatible with any device, for example, PC, Mac, tablet and smartphones, this allows training to be undertaken anytime and anywhere, for example, on the train into work or even on the beach whilst enjoying an iced tea!

Steven Embleton, Chief Cloud, My Learning Cloud
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