BBC presenter joins Care UK residents for virtual food tastings

Dr Polly Russell II

Food historian, Dr Polly Russell, has joined Care UK residents for a live interactive food tasting session.

The Back in Time for … presenter joined residents virtually for a live event as part of the nationwide Food for Thought initiative that sees care homes across the country celebrate their favourite foods throughout the decades.

Dr Polly (pictured) said: “I was delighted to partner with Care UK to create a reminiscence tasting menu, and I had a fantastic time chatting to residents about some of their favourite foods throughout the ages.

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“There really is something incredibly special about the way food can evoke memories and emotions, and it was wonderful to see how everyone’s faces light up when they tried each dish. Just one flavour or smell can prompt a different memory and emotion for each individual, which is why a session like this can be so powerful.”

Dr Polly worked alongside Care UK chefs to create a reminiscence menu featuring iconic foods from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s that is used as a sensory tool to encourage reminiscence in older people.

As part of the event, the home’s talented chefs prepared a host of bitesize delights from the menu, including kedgeree, prawn cocktail and a show stopping black forest gateau for residents to enjoy, complemented by a selection of fine wine.

Residents were also encouraged to share their memories with Dr Polly as she talked through the history of each dish. These reminiscences from residents included how to make the perfect cup of tea and how families went on pea-picking holidays.

To find out more about Care UK’s partnership with Dr Polly Russell, and for more top tips on how others can use food as a reminiscence tool for older people visit

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