BBC Panorama producer releases book about hidden cameras in care homes

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A documentary producer has written a book about hidden surveillance cameras after working on several documentaries exposing mistreatment in care homes for the BBC’s Panorama show.

Joe Plomin has been responsible for five major investigations for Panorama, including the episode Undercover Care, which showed carers abusing residents at Winderbourne View care home in 2011.

These documentaries are pushing more and more families to consider filming what is happening to their relatives in care, prompting Mr Plomin to start working on his book that takes a forensic look at the latest legislation, technology and moral issues raised by secret surveillance.

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In an article for The Guardian, Mr Plomin explains: “At the BBC, we do not encourage people to do their own covert filming, but it is happening more and more often, driven by the kinds of concerns in those emails I received. For this reason, I have written a book, Hidden Cameras, that explores the issues raised by covert filming for journalistic and other reasons, and to try to support those who have no other choice and who have exhausted other avenues for complaint.”

Mr Plomin also looks into the growing number of care homes that are installing their own surveillance cameras, and his book addresses the issues these businesses face.

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  1. Why do we have to film and photo poor care that is still ignored by all no accountability no responsibility heinous vile cruelty left with no one accountability and heart ache forever for our loved ones many dying suffering alone with no voice in death camp style
    the below is a tip of the iceberg no one is stopping this whilst it is happening and being reported by families who are ignored no transparency – hidden records – withheld records – blank walls of silence – relatives isolated from each other and by authorities – politicians often inert – talk no action
    just one family who has suffered no amount of photos or film saved this woman her agony

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